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Hello dental job seeker,

Bored with the average job board?

Try something refreshingly new! Check out our temp availability calendar. Check in from time to time to see what jobs are out there for any down time you may have. Also post your own availability for other office’s emergencies.

Also, did you know that in many European countries, the standard of dentistry is the same as North America? Like Switzerland, for instance. True, some may fall shamefully short but those are the exceptions.

Did you know that you can possibly find a dental job overseas almost as easily as you can in North America? Imagine how cool it would be to wake up everyday to a new experience!

Would you like to know how?

Visit us at or write me at for more info.

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34 Responses to “International Dental Jobs”

  1. Efrain Socarras Says:

    I am seeking info about international opportunities, Thanks.

  2. Robyn Brodigan Says:

    My name is Robyn. I have been a clinical dental hygienist for 16 years in the same office. I have extensive experience with geriatric, children, periodontal patients. I can place fillings. digital film and computer skills
    I have experience in making bleaching trays. I can take impressions and pour molds. I had previous experience before dental hygiene school of three years dental assisting . I graduated with a B.S in dental hygiene from Loma Linda University in California (1992), presently am still with Dr. Bede in Seattle Washington.
    I would like to expand my experience in either teaching or helping in other countries. Contact me if something is available, Thanks! Robyn

  3. angelanjoku Says:

    Hello Robin,
    Are you most interested in volunteer work? Please email me at so that we can chat.

  4. Sudha Kapoor Says:

    Dear Angela,

    I am a practising Deneral dentist in US with dental degrees (DDS from UCSF, USA and BDS from Mumbai, India) with 2 years experience in USA and 2.5 years from India. My husband has Swiss work permit (type L) and I may also join him in Switzerland in 2 months. I want to know how I can practice in Switzerland. Currently, I do not know local Swiss languages but am interested to learn French. Based on my last email exchange with you, I learnt with a relief that my US education and license will be recognized and I do not have to go through additional studies or exams before I can work as a Dentist. I have few follow-up questions:

    1. We will most likely live in Fribourg/Bern area (my husband’s
    employer is in Fribourg canton). Please advise if you think one of the
    two cities(Bern or Fribourg) is better than the other or any other
    city(close to them) is better for in terms of my job prospects.

    2. Out of the two languages – French and German, will one be preferred
    over the other in the region I plan to live? At this time, I am more
    inclined towards French since my husband speaks/understands somewhat
    French. What level of proficiency do I need to demonstrate before my
    language skills are considered adequate? Is any language certification
    required? I may take some classes over the next few weeks here in the
    US itself before I come there. I am assuming that dental assistants
    will know the local language and can assist in translation,
    occasionally. I have a similar issue here with Spanish patients since
    my Spanish is weak but I have assistants who are from Hispanic origin.

    3. My husband is currently on L-work permit(valid for 1-year and
    renewable once more for 1-year) What kind of work-permit should I have
    in order for me to get maximum opportunities?

    4. Are there any websites where I can lookup local dental jobs or
    agencies who can help to find one? I have sent emails to SSO but did
    not get any reply so far.

    Thanks again for your support and assistance!

    Best Regards,
    Sudha Kapoor

  5. angelanjoku Says:

    Hello Dr. Kapoor,

    There is a lot to think about when relocating to another country! The following is in response to your questions:

    1. I would think that the city of Bern would be a better option, given that it is a bigger, more international city. There would likely be more jobs to choose from.

    2. The Kanton of Bern is German-speaking. The Kanton of Fribourg/Freiburg is bilingual German/French, as I understand. So, which language dominates in Freiburg depends on the office you are in. I know offices that have a combination of German and French speaking patients and all employed have atleast a working knowledge of both.

    –If you limit yourself to French, you will have less job prospects. You could try to contact an office that caters to an expat clientele; there English would likely dominate.

    –As far as language proficiency goes, each employer has their own expectations. I was never asked to present language proficiency but I also was not given an ‘extra-employee’ who could stand by and translate. I had my dictionary and a cheat-sheet close by. Most patients expect to be able to express themselves and voice their concerns to their caregiver without a struggle. That said, as their dentist, I think they (the patients) would expect you to have at least a working knowlege and basic proficiency. Much will depend on the arrangements you have or will have made with your employing office.

    –The main difference between having Spanish speaking patients in the U.S. and French or German speaking patients in Switzerland, is that English is the official language of the U.S. Patients are assumed to speak English and when they don’t, a reasonable effort is made to accomodate them. You, however, will be going to a country where the official language is not English. It is assumed that all patients will speak a language other than English. How much effort will be made to accomodate you, as I mentioned before, will depend on the office arrangements. Please be aware that the assistants employed by that particular office are most probably of Swiss origin and are in their native environment. I would be careful not to assume that all assistants could translate into English for you. None of the assistants I worked with spoke ANY English.

    3. The best ‘permit’ to have in Switzerland is the passport/citizenship. That will give you maximum opportunity. The next best is the C-permit. I started off there with an L-permit and when I tried to change jobs with that permit, I had a difficult time. I was only able to be contracted for another position because my employer was able to secure me a B-permit in a different Kanton. You will likely receive the same permit as your husband.

    –Many employers are leery of the L-permit. This is because, like you mentioned, it is valid for one year. Most employers expect a long tenure from their employees and the L-permit is considered a temporary permit. This means that they may hesitate to contract you because of the remote possibility of losing you after your permit expires. Your employer may be willing to sponsor you to stay in the country but final approval is granted by the local Arbeitsamt. If you are riding under your husband’s permit, your permit is dependent upon his work assignment. That could be another source of concern for an employer. His job assignment may change at any moment which would require you leave your post. FYI: Resignation notices are generally 3 months.

    –After a period of time living and working in Switzerland, you may be granted the B-permit. This would give you considerably more leverage when negotiating for a position.

    4. The SSO would be the best place to search for ‘associate dentist’ positions. They are notoriously slow about response to international questions/concerns. Continue trying. I think they are more inclined to respond you if you are already in Switzerland.

    –There are so many variables at play in being contracted for a position in Switzerland. The best thing to do would be to wait until you arrive and get your permit. Then you will know what you are working with. Hope this helped a bit. I hope you get the best case for every scenario you run into while looking for work. Don’t get discouraged if not. Something will surely come along.

    Please keep in touch.

    Thanks for contacting us,
    Angela Njoku, BSDH
    Dentallynx International

  6. duane moore Says:

    Hello, very helpful site. I have owned and operated my own dental practice in the USA for ten years.i am an american citizen and trained and lisenced in the usa.
    i would like to move to europe,become an associate,and settle down.
    which countries recognize USA trained dentists with minimal requirements to legally practice.
    thank you for your tyme.

  7. angelanjoku Says:

    Hello Dr. Moore,
    I will have to look into that. I’m not sure how other countries compare when foreign dentists try to become associates. I know that Switzerland, Germany and Italy have reciprocity with US hygienists. I will check around and email you from the website email:

  8. bernadeth Says:

    im bernadeth santiago from the phils. im seeking for a dental hygiene jobs, thank you

  9. Recruiter from Teleportmyjob.Com | Overseas Recruitment Says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’m just curious, what is the average monthly or annual income for dentists major European countries? Do you have any range which might be helpful information?

    Thank you,

    Overseas Recruiter

    • angelanjoku Says:

      Thanks for the question. No, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have that information as each European country has its’ own means of compensation. Some dentists are employed by the government while some own their own private practices where the income could be limitless.
      Thank you,

  10. terry Says:

    I am a dental hygienist from Canada with almost 18 years of clinical experience. I am trying to have my diploma recognized in Italy as I am married and living here now. I was wondering what the easiest way of having my diplomas recognized here?? Also how difficult would it be in the meantime to work as a hygienist parttime in Switzerland in the meantime??

    • angelanjoku Says:

      Thanks for the question Terry.
      We have discussed this issue at length privately and I do hope you get a resolution soon.

  11. Dr. chetan Zode Says:

    i m a student of MDS (masters in dental Science) 2nd year at Ryazan University in Russia.completed my BDS from india. I m lookin forward for a job soon after the completion of couse.Plz suggest a country and city where my degree is valid and where i can practice or work n get paid because i want to repay the loan amount i have borrowed for education purpose.

    awaitin ur response..

  12. orkhan Says:

    hello i am a general dentis in Azerbaijan i have 5 years exprience i am good implantologist too i have small clinic here but i want works in switzerland can i find job in switzerland?thank you

  13. Gul Says:

    Dear Angela,
    Could you please let me know what does a foreign dentist with an American dental license and pediatric dentistry specialty training need to be able to practice in Switzerland?(In Zurich or Geneva)

    Many thanks,

  14. danielle Says:

    could you please contact me directly via email?

  15. Marie Beug Says:

    Dear Angela,

    I was wondering whether my DDS (American) would be recognised in Germany and Switzerland. I would like to work there (German Husband).Would I need additional testing?

    Many thanks,


    • angelanjoku Says:

      Please allow me to do some research and I will email you directly.

  16. Peter Says:

    Dear Angela,

    I am a recently qualified dentist (this year) from the UK about to embark on my vocational training year. How realistic would it be one/two/three years down the line for someone in my position to both register and find work in Switzerland? I am fluent in French and have a passable knowledge of german, which I’m sure I could improve upon. Have read the EU manual of dental practice but not sure what it means by ‘an additional 2 yrs postgraduate experience’ required to register in Switzerland.
    Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


  17. DR.RUCHIR GARG Says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am a Super Specialist(M.D.S.) Dentist with 10 years of experience from India looking for a Job as a Dentist at a good high scale salary. As I have a degree from India, Is it recognised in Switzerland? and how fast can I get Job here?
    If I cannot get a job here then please help me in getting some contacts for the Research on Dental Implants or Tooth Regeneration so that I can follow up that Clinical Research in India at a cheaper cost.

  18. Anni Athar Says:

    i am a dental hygienist, working in LosAngeles, have been practising for 8 yrs, would like to expand my experience & work in Switzerland ,how should i go about it, giude me.

  19. Carrie Lewis Says:

    Hello: I would be very interested in hearing about any opportunities for hygiene positions in Italy or Switzerland. Kind Regards, Carrie

  20. ismail serour Says:

    hi angela.
    i am an egyptian dentist graduated from ain shams university, cairo (2004) ,completed my masters in restorative dentistry this year and thought of working abroad for more experience . i am not looking for a certain country but where can i volunteer to ..?

  21. kripa Says:

    hi im kripa ,
    im an indian done my bds ..would like to know if a post graduate experience is required for registering or to apply for job in switzerland ….

    • angelanjoku Says:

      Hello Kripa,

      You would need to contact the SSO (Swiss Dental Board) to learn about their requirements to practice dentistry in Switzerland with an Indian BDS.


  22. Cindy Says:

    Hi Angela! I’ve had a dream of working in switzerland since I was in high school! It’s what made me choose my profession! The dream of traveling and working abroad. I’ve been a dental hygienist for six years and may want to make that dream happen over the next year! How is pay and taxes worked out over there? And, in your opinion how realistic of a dream is it? Thnx!

    • angelanjoku Says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for the questions! A lot of your questions are answered in our book, The International Dental Hygiene Employment Guide. You can order it from Amazon or directly from us at! All the best.

  23. Dr. Kamrul Islam Says:

    • I have 1 year working experience as intern doctor in Dhaka Dental College from 1st February 2010 to 31st January 2011.

    • I have done PGT course on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Dhaka Dental College after completion of my intern in same institute as a Doctor.

    • During the period of my Intern & PGT I have done

    RCT done -150 units
    Extraction done – 200 units
    Scaling done- 200 persons
    GI filling done- 250 units
    Light cure done- 150 persons

    • Recently I worked with Dr. Syed Tamijul Ahsan Ratan at Ratan’s Dental as Consultant in gulshan-1 in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

    • Now I am working in a Dental chamber named Azahar Dental Care in Mirpur-14,Dhaka, Bangladesh

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